Capilla del Cristo


Between 1634 and 1638, this chapel dedicated to Santa Catalina was raised at the bottom of Del Cristo Street. The chapel was previously located in close proximity to La Fortaleza where it interfered with artillery shots fired from that fortress. The old structure had to be leveled and its location moved to where it now stands. Legend tells of how in June of 1750, during the traditional horse races of Las Fiestas de San Pedro, Captain Baltasár Montañés rode his horse into the wall next to the Chapel. Both the rider and his horse were saved from the fall by this structure. Don Tomas Mateo Prats, who was the secretary of government for the time, invoked the Holy Christ of Health and the young man who fell off the cliff was saved. In gratitude to the Holy Christ of Health, Don Tomas Mateo Prats ordered to build the chapel. Actually, not that. Recent studies by Don Adolfo de Hostos confirm that the young man who fell off the cliff, did die. And Don Tomas Mateo Prats ordered Chapel erected to prevent future tragedies. Beside the chapel is the Parque de las Palomas. Next to La Capilla you will find el Parque de las Palomas or ‘pigeon park’ where families bring their children to feed the birds and enjoy the magnificent view of the bay.

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