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Andreu Sole Puerto Rico Vineyard

00647 Guanica, Puerto Rico

Bodegas Andreu Sole Find a vineyard in Puerto Rico’s coast in the town of Guanica. The vineyard is open for tours in the Sunday afternoons until 5PM. They produce a young wine kept in wooden barrels for 3 –Read more

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Hacienda Sotomayor en Adjuntas

Carr.123 Int. 522 Bo.Garzas Centro, Adjuntas, 00601 Puerto Rico

Hacienda Sotomayor en Adjuntas Situated in Adjuntas, it is a family-friendly hotel on the riverwalk and area attractions include Guilarte Forest. Additional regional attractions include El Museo Castillo Serralles and Parque de Bombas. It has a complimentary water park, an outdoor tennis court, and an outdoor pool.Complimentary wirelessRead more

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Parador Joyuda Beach

Carretera/Rd 102 KM 11.7, Cabo Rojo, 00683, Puerto Rico

Parador Joyuda Beach is the only beachfront hotel in the Joyuda area in the West Coast of Puerto Rico. Our beach is ideal for swimming, diving or just relaxing. Observe breathtaking sunsets and enjoy the best seafood in the whole Island.Read more

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