Christmas in Puerto Rico



Puerto Ricans like to say that Puerto Rico has the longest Christmas Holiday in the world. They are probably right. Christmas festivities in Puerto Rico start right after Thanksgiving and extend all the way to the last week of January, when they gather to celebrate the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian – some even extend it to the first week of February!

It is a perfect time to visit the island. The weather fluctuates from high 60s (farenheit) to the 80s. The water is warm and the beaches will make you forget all about the cold winter. Puerto Ricans are very festive and like to decorate their houses. Parrandas, which are surprise musical visits to friends at late hours of the night, are common.

You can find festivities all around the island. Probably the most decorated area is Old San Juan, which many locals from all the island like to go visit with their families. Aside from Christmas day, Puerto Ricans are also big in celebrating Three Kings day.

Winter is considered high season in Puerto Rico. So, flights are usually pricey this time. A flight from Miami or New York will probably be twice the average rate. Check with popular discount travel sites regularly.

Hotels also get a little expensive at this time. You may want to try searching ahead of time in one of our local discount coupon sites. However, you should be cautious and read the fine print, as many of the deals black out specific dates or a range of dates from high season.