Las Croabas


Las Croabas, Puerto Rico, is a small fishing community not far from San Juan. Set on the northeastern tip of the island, the waters around Las Croabas offer their own unique attractions when they’re brought to life after the sun goes down. Along with watery excursions, Las Croabas makes a good launch point to visit a nearby natural reserve and rain forest. Visitors to the reserve can view the islands’ natural wonders both on land and in the water. The islands are surrounded by clear blue waters and coral reefs that teem with a variety of marine life, including turtles that return to the reserve’s sandy beaches each year to lay eggs. There are between 500,000 and 700,000 bioluminescent plankton swimming in the lagoon and all you need to do is run your hand through the water to set them aglow.  The rain forest is located just to the southwest of Las Croabas and contains both a rain and cloud forests. At an elevation of 3,088 feet, along the Mount Britton hiking trail, is a lookout tower that overlooks the rain forest. The main highlight of the tour is a “drift snorkel trip” where tourists are dropped off up current then drift over the coral reefs.

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