Mar Chiquita (Manati)


Mar Chiquita is a small beach surrounded by rocks that act as a breaker. In the middle of these rocks there is a cavity where the tide enters and forms a wave in U form within the beach. This beach usually makes the list of the top beaches in Puerto Rico for a reason it is stunning! It is an oval-shaped, golden-sand cove, protected from the open ocean by large natural limestone walls. The ocean water comes in through a small opening in the rocks. There is some flat limestone at the shoreline, so that could be slippery, and it gets deep quickly as you walk in. At either side, closest to the rocks , the bottom was more sandy. If you go into the water, I would suggest wearing water shoes. Its sand is heavy and very peculiar due to the great amount of shells. It’s not recommended for swimming because of its strong undercurrents and rocks. One word of warning People need to be cautious in the water. One must watch surf and tide conditions. Due to the shape of the cove and the narrow area between the rocks where water comes in and goes out, there can be serious undertows. It is possible to get sucked out into the open ocean when the water flows back out of the cove. Usually, it is calmer in the summer months.

Mar Chiquita 02

Mar Chiquita 03