Rio Tanama


Sublime, natural, surreal. At Tanama you will enjoy the most unforgettable geoadventures that every walker can make at the Caribbean basin. Before you can reach to the first 300 meters long tunnel with no rapids, you will cross along the huge bamboo forest, then beside the Taino’s tombs and petro glyphs. From the highest point of Monte Turey’s pick you will see the giant karts forest close to the largest observatory in the world (Arecibo Observatory); finally you will travel to the biggest karts arch of the Caribbean. The impression of this site will make you want to come back to the Lost Paradise.More than 47 kilometers of trails where our Indians leave their mark, it’s a 3000 years journey to Puerto Rico’s lineage, Indians tombs, petro glyphs and giant tunnels navigation. A unique experience at the Caribbean you will never forget.

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