Bird Watching in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, is a beautiful travel destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Tourists from different parts of the world, particularly those on a cruise vacation, visit Puerto Rico just to have a feel of its magnificent, serene atmosphere. While the island boasts of several incredible things to do, bird watching in Puerto Rico is an experience not to miss.

Puerto Rico is home to several islands featuring great beaches, sparkling ocean waters, entertainment venues and several fun-filled activities to keep guest entertained all through their stay. Due to the mild yet constant temperature, Puerto Rico has gained world popularity as a perfect destination for birding. If you are a fan of bird watching, then you should probably expect an average temperature of 80 degrees for most part of the year. Over 50 species of birds can be seen lurking in Puerto Rico. Some of these birds are migratory, while others are native to the island.

Despite the fact there are several birding locations in Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo Recreational area, located in the south-western part of the island, stand out as one of the best places to enjoy the hobby throughout the year. Here you will find a Wildlife Refuge featuring several outstanding bird watching trails. Tourists also stand a chance of seeing lots of endangered birds. Cabo Rojo is not only renowned for being a great bird watching spot but also has one of the most tranquil white sand beach. Also, there is a lighthouse, which stands at about 200 feet from ground level. Climb to the top of the lighthouse to see some of the most spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding areas.


Endangered Puerto Rican Parrot

One of the major attractions when going birding in Puerto Rico is the Puerto Rican Parrot. This is the only existing parrot that is native and peculiar to Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Parrot, a green parrot with blue edges feather and yellow green tail, is one of the most endangered bird species on the planet today.

Asides the critically endangered parrot, other bird species you will most likely find include broad-winged hawk, bananaquit, grasshopper sparrow, Grey Kingbird, Antillean euphonia and much more. Bird watching in Puerto Rico is most definitely an opportunity not to miss. So, if you are planning your next cruise vacation to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, it is recommended to set aside some to take part in some birding activities. You will never be disappointed!