La Parguera


La Parguera, a Caribbean dream, is a small fishing village in the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico; located on the southwest coast of the island. La Parguera is one of four areas in Puerto Rico that has a very unique and remarkable night time phenomenon, a Phosphorescent Bay. The Bioluminescent Bay is actually made up of two bays, Bahia Monsio Jose and Bahia la Parguera; when the still waters are disturbed they glow with millions of microscopic organisms known as dinoflagellates which sparkle and create a spectacular light show. This phenomenon occurs only in tropical areas, typically in mangrove-protected bays such as the one found here at La Parguera. Puerto Rico is the only place on the planet that has three sites where you can depend on this phenomenon to occur every night, La Parguera being one of them. The bay is best observed during a dark moonless night; see charts for the best night to visit La Parguera Bay. The people of La Parguera are what make this small fishing village what it is, a simple, clean and quite villa. They are simple, humble fishermen for the most part. Others still raise goats, chickens and tend to the tourist as a means to support their families. For the most part La Parguera has not changed much, yet in the last ten years it seems civilization and progress have gain a foot hold in the sleepy little village. Today you can find a good supermarket, restaurants and shops, all well within walking distance from the villa. The Parguera is both a tourist and residential community; there are many things you can do for fun, biking, hiking trails, or bird watching, but water sports are now the in thing. Kayaking, and kite surfing are now a very big sport.

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