Things to Have When There’s No Electricity

Puerto Rico just went through its worst catastrophe in modern history. Hurricane María devastated much of our infrastructure, especially the electrical grid. As a result, it is expected that full restoration of electricity will take over 6 months. After one month from hurricane Maria’s landfall, 85% of Puerto Rico residents remain without electricity. Here are some things we found from personal experience to make life a bit better when there’s no power:
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  1. A good water filter. Water filters all have very different capabilities. It has been mentioned that water from the faucets can be polluted, therefore we recommend a filter that eliminates bacteria and most pollutants.
  2. Rechargeable electronics. Yes, you are probably thinking why, if there’s no electricity, but here’s why… people here are crazy for D batteries. They need radios, flashlights, fans and traditional ones consume lots of energy, which renders them useless in a very short time, because there’s shortage of batteries.
  3. Solar panels. Puerto Rico has lots of sun and efficient foldable solar panels are a great way to capture that energy for your rechargeable electronics.
  4. Rechargeable batteries. You want to store as much energy as possible to recharge your phones, fans, flashlights, etc.
  5. Efficient foods. Many people don’t have any way of cooking their food. Therefore, we recommend looking for nutritious food that can be consumed without any heat. It could also be beneficial to look for pouches or other forms of packaging that weigh less than traditional canned foods.
Here are a few products that we have found meet the above criteria:
  1. Water filters

    1. REVIVAL Water Filter Pitcher (Ultra + Bacteria, Large) – Premium Filter removes Heavy Metals, Additives, and VOCs
    2. Travel bottle with Advanced Microbiological Filter
    3. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  2. Rechargeable electronics

    1. Fan – OPOLAR Fan, (we love this fan)
    2. Powerful flashlight – Tactical Flashlight 
  3. Solar panels

    1. Foldable 50W Solar Panel
  4. Rechargeable batteries

    1. 30,000 mah battery for USB charging devices
    2. A smaller 10,000 mah with solar charging and flashlight
    3. Universal battery charger for AAA, AA, C, D, etc
  5. Efficient foods

    1. Belvita breakfast
    2. Soup in a Pouch
    3. Rice in a Pouch
    4. Granola bars
    5. Fruits