Toro Verde


Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park is a large (316 acres) and relatively new ecotourism park, having opened in mid-2010. They designed this park with the best and newest adventure sports. And, they made the courses easy to get to and still manage to keep you in the middle of the beautiful landscape.One really nice feature is they drive you to the adventures. Not having a long uphill hike to the starting point makes it much easier for many people who have some issues walking long distances, but who want to experience these adventures. There is some short walking between some of the adventure platforms, but that’s inevitable . Eight exciting double line cables, each with arrival and departure platforms and short walks between various platforms. The final run of the wires may have varied slightly issues improvements in design and final construction.The speed of the wires varies with the wind speed. This tour allows you to experience it firsthand. You’ll be flying in the same position of a bird with a special harness ensuring your chest and waist. With a length of 4,745 ft (1.446km) we are sure you will find this tour more exciting, plus it is the world’s largest Zipline.This tour begins with “The Hummingbird Buzz”, a cable that takes participants to “Salto del Cacique Orocovix” where you will put your strength to the heights. then climbing spend a horizontal, that takes you to your escape and take the first cable “Flight of the Manatee 1” at the end will take “Flight of Manatee 2” to a strategic point of the property so you can continue to enjoy the park. The participants for this tour must be in top physical condition.

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