Toro Negro


Experience the thrill of a visit to the rooftop of Puerto Rico, a private land of lush green vegetation, steep hillsides, and cascading waterfalls. Located at the second highest mountain in the Cordillera Central, the Toro Negro Rainforest is Puerto Rico’s highest rainforest reserve. Much less visited and about 1,000 feet higher than El Yunque rainforest. Toro Negro offers a more intimate rainforest and cultural experience with amazing views of its mountains and landscapes and the real country side community of 275 years of coffee growing traditions.There are really only about 6.75 miles of trails all total, so with an early enough start, a little planning and the stamina, you can hike all of the trails in a day. We didn’t hike on all of the trails — we only hiked about 4.9 miles the day we went. But there was still plenty of daylight left. One weird thing about hiking here is that a number of the “trails” require you to walk along the road in order connect to another trail (to make a loop) or to get back to the parking area. These are small roads that have blind curves and, though they are infrequently-used, it was a bit unnerving.This short trail (0.54 miles) goes down the paved road a bit into the camping/picnic area, then you cross over the river. From that point on, it is a bit muddy and there are some concrete steps in the steep area. But shortly you come to Charco La Confesora — with a small waterfall and a deep pool of lovely blue water.

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