Monumento del Jibaro


The Monumento al Jíbaro, sculpted by renowned local artist Tomás Batista, stands proudly in front of the majestic backdrop, a powerful symbol of national identity.

The hardworking pioneers  are hardly ever honored for their contribution to a nation. These poor country-folk  lived simple lives, working the land, and caring for their families with what little they had. They were the backbone of every society.

The monument is located in a rest stop on the highway Luis A. Ferré, in the town of Cayey. Their location offers a versatile and comfortable space for rest of the travelers, but also ideal for tourists and visitors who like photography, as well as take some pictures of the magnificent sculpture, enjoy the beautiful landscape, where they can best see the famous mountains, and their photos will have two of the places of tourist attraction in Cayey, While today most Puerto Ricans work in officies and enjoy the finer things in life, the Jíbaro made a lasting impression in the Puerto Rican culture. You can see the Jíbaro influence of simple farm-living all around modern-day Puerto Rico.

Monumento del Jibaro1

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