Isla de Ratones


This tiny island is located just off the coast of Joyuda, Cabo Rojo. In a short few minutes boat ride you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming on clear shallow waters. Tour operators are available to take you to Isla de Ratones for a fun day under the sun. This little island is perfect for children and beginners snorkelers since most of the beach around the island is no deeper than six feet. The boat dock and the swimming beach are on the south side of the island. The “best” snorkeling area is off the beach, near the boat dock . On the north side of the island, the DRNA and some environmental groups have planted mangroves and installed some artificial reefs in an attempt to protect the island. The center of the island has trees that provide shade. You must bring everything that you will need for your visit , since nothing is available on the island. We had tried to get to this island a number of times, but the water was always too rough for the boats to go out. So keep that in mind and call ahead to check on the sea conditions. You may have seen Isla de Ratones at sunset in magazines, the sun sets beautifully behind this little island. Enjoy a day on the water at Isla de Ratones and stay for dinner and sunset at one of the many wonderful restaurants in Joyuda.

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