Crash Boat Beach


It  is a beach located in the northwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Aguadilla. It occupies the site of a former military port used to rescue downed air crews from Ramey Air Force Base and still retains some remains of pier infrastructure. Crash Boat might not be a particularly quiet place, at least not on weekends, but on the other hand it has a lot to offer. You can admire an amazing under water world directly on the seashore. Just underneath the platforms you can see corals and colourful fish from up close in the crystal clear water. All you need are diving goggles, a snorkel and swim fins. However, as the current is rather strong, this should only be done by experienced swimmers and also never on their own – especially because the platforms under which you can see the most beautiful corals and fish are more than 150 feets away from the beach, with no resting places in between. You can also book a Sunset Tour or have fun riding one of the powerful jetskis. In contrast to similar offers you can find in San Juan, here you can go along the coast for many kilometers while only paying half the price and at the same time being offered a lot more. These remains have become a popular location for fishing and for jumping into the clear waters. Crash Boat also has two large sand beach areas for general bathing.

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