Parque de las Palomas


Pigeon Park is located in Old San Juan. Its name comes from the hundreds of pigeons that live there every day and expect to be fed by visitors. It banks from where you can enjoy a beautiful view starring San Juan Bay. The park is very picturesque with a couple of large trees whose trunks have twist and intertwine over the years to make really interesting trees. The back wall of the park provides special shelter to the pigeons by way of cut out holes all along the wall. I am not sure if these holes have been there since the park was opened, but the pigeons appreciate them. Next to the park is the Chapel of Christ. If you suffer from Ornithophobia (a fear of birds), then Parque de las Palomas in Old San Juan is not for you. For those who are okay with being in close proximity to Pigeons then Parque de las Palomas makes for a great stop during your walking tour of Old San Juan. The pigeons congregate here, always hungry, and for one dollar you can buy a bag of dried corn to feed them right from your hands. It’s a great way to squeeze in a little rest without the kids knowing.

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