Playa Sucia


Come to Playa Sucia and spend lazy days on the sand or be adventurous exploring all the natural attractions and hidden treasures of this place. No oceanfront hotels or service here, the beauty and splendor of this place is the center and only source of attention without the modern day distractions. Getting to Playa Sucia is part of the fun (in my opinion). The way there is an unpaved dirt road and the roads conditions will depend on the rainfall. Some visitors send in complaints about the bad road conditions but we personally feel it only adds to the fun and natural tropical experience, so don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the journey. What’s waiting at the end of the road is well worth it.

On the way there you will drive by the observatory tower where you can enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains, Caribbean Sea and a close up of Las Salinas (Salt Flats). You will pass the Wildlife Refuge,you may notice many types of birds since this area is a protected natural sanctuary. You will also pass a little bridge where there are remnants of an old railroad trackwhich I heard many stories from my father.

From all the beaches in Cabo Rojo this is my favorite. Playa Sucia is not the most popular beach in Cabo Rojo and although is good for us that love this beach, it’s sad not more tourists and visitors get to enjoy this natural amazing attraction. So now you know, when you vacation to Puerto Rico, choose Cabo Rojo and Porta del Sol and enjoy the more natural authentic side of Puerto Rico. Locals and Puerto Ricans seeking for beach fun in the summers flock to the most popular beaches like El CombateBuye and Balneario de Boqueron. During the week this beach is usually quiet with very few visitors, on the weekends and Easter week it can get pretty full but still fun and relaxing to be there.

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