Isla de Cabras


It is an islet located at the entrance of the San Juan bay in Puerto Rico. It is part of the municipality of Toa Baja, and barrio of Palo Seco. A national park that’s a National Historic Site, a beautiful park for walks, picnics, ocean breezes and scenic vistas of Old San Juan and El Morro. Isla de Cabras houses Fortin (Fort) San Juan de la Cruz (also known as El Cañuelo), a small fort that was built by the Spanish in order to defend the entrance to the San Juan Bay. Once you enter the Isla de Cabras parking area (and paid the $5 parking fee), you will pass the well preserved structure of the El Cañuelo fort. The fort is currently part of the San Juan National Historic Site, though for some reason it is currently not open to the public, though you can however walk up close to the fort and find out more information from the information boards. At the end of the 19th century, a leper colony was established in the island. On December 17, 1876, the governor of Puerto Rico, Segundo de la Portilla, set the first stone of the official building to house lepers, which was completed in 1883. However, it is believed that the colony was established before the construction of the building. Isla de Cabras is a nice stop and you can visit after a tour of the Bacardi Rum Factory. Bring your swimsuit along and visit the Blue Flag beach of Punta Salinas. Not too far from here you can also enjoy the beaches of the town of Manati.

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