Jardin Botanico (Caguas)


It also has a perfect climate to grow some of the prettiest flowers and plants imaginable. Caguas decided to put these things together and opened the Botanical and Cultural Garden in April 2007. Recently renamed William Miranda Marín Botanical & Cultural Garden after a much loved mayor. The garden has several additional elements that define multi-themed one because not only is a botanical garden but also a zoo, historical site, museum ecological. Caguas is a small city located abut 30 minutes south of San Juan. The garden itself is situated on 60 acres, on the grounds of a former sugar mill. The Botanical and Cultural Garden of Caguas is a thematic park designed to educate the public on the Puerto Rican culture in relation to nature and tropical agriculture. The Botanical Gardens and Cultural de Caguas functions both as both a nature reserve and as an archaeological area, it houses historic ruins. This is a large park. It has many paths that let you meander. Note that the paths are gravel, not paved, so it’s not too easy to use a wheelchair or stroller. There are many “special” areas designed to highlight aspects of Puerto Rican heritage and culture. There is also an area where they have planted many trees in danger of extinction, to help protect them and to educate people of the importance of conservation of our natural resources. The garden has been planted with various flowering plants like heliconias, bromeliads, orchids and gingers. It also has an area of palms and another of fruit trees. There is a mariposario, but we haven’t seen any butterflies there lately! There are a few lovely ponds, some with water liliys, some large enough to have peddle boats you can rent (on weekends). There is also a stage in this pond where they hold many great concerts. This space contains part of all Puerto Ricans cagüeños and, when added in texture the essences of the Tainos, blacks and Spanish.

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