Seven Seas


Seven Seas is a lovely, small, crescent-shaped beach, with soft sand and almond and palm trees that provide some protection from the sun. The views are fantastic, just beautiful to look out at the water and see the lighthouse in the distance. Water is blue and beautiful. There is a coral reef some distance from the beach, making a natural wave break. This makes for a nice protected beach, with calm waters that the whole family can enjoy. When the balneario is “open”, there should be lifeguards on duty, usually from 9:00am to 5:00pm , to help you have a safe, fun day at this beach. On big problem lately is that the sand is not raked clean of natural debris that falls from the trees and washes up from the ocean, so it is now covered with seaweed and leaves. You need to clear it away to have a nice sandy area to set your towel out. If you walk along the rocks of the beach, you get to see some astonishing representatives of the Caribbean fauna. In the water, between the rocks and corals, there are animals which you normally don’t get a chance to watch. There are starfish and other colorful fish, and if you look closely you might even discover a sea cucumber. At first glance these see creatures look like the severed arm of a big octopus, but they are distinct animals looking for food at the seashore. Here, as always, the rule applies: You are welcome to watch – but never touch or harm the animal in any way.

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