Jardin Botanico (San Juan)


Located in the heart of the metropolitan area, the Río Piedras Botanical Garden is an oasis of tranquility amidst the active life of the city. Upon arrival you will receive a map that will help you on your journey through the Garden. It is used by some for exercise, meditate or just enjoy nature. If you want an activity, you can do so with permission.Among the most important areas of the garden is: Monet’s Garden, the garden of heliconias, palms area, the Sculpture Garden and the Parque El Almond. The Botanical Garden is for the study of tropical flora. It has a library full of copies on botany. A visit to the Jardín Botánico (Botanical Gardens) is an interesting jaunt, and it’s free! The gardens serve as a laboratory and study hall for the students and alumni of the Estación Experimental Agrícola de Puerto Rico (Experimental Agricultural Station of Puerto Rico). Here you will find an enormous variety of tropicals, flowering plants, palms and exotic trees. The gardens have become a natural habitat for a multitude of bird and of animal species making for a refreshing retreat from the hustle of the city itself. This botanical garden has several themed collections of stories, a collection of contemporary sculptures by local authors, scattered throughout the grounds and more than 30,000 plants.

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