Brava Nightclub


It is an entertainment venue that combines the  high energy dancing scene of a nightclub as well as the chill out atmosphere of a lounge.  It is designed to appeal to those looking for an elegant and sophisticated  environment; a perfect place to see and be seen. It has become a landmark in the nightlife of Puerto Rico. For locals, as well as for guests visiting the island, it is the perfect spot for gathering on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday. When the say clubbing in Puerto Rico, they mean Club Brava. When entering BRAVA, you will immediately have access to the Main Room. Here is where all the action happens. Enjoy our unique dance floor and its state of the art sound and lighting system. Dance away to the blends of Hip Hop, House and Reggaeton music mixed by our resident DJ LM. In the back of this room, you will find a complete bar ready to serve your needs. You can spice up your nightclub experience by reserving a booth near the dance floor or bar area and enjoy our bottle service. Are you looking for some privacy? or maybe just need more space for your friends? The Green Room is the perfect spot to hangout.

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