Coamo Thermal Waters


It is a natural pool of thermal water rich in minerals that reaches the surface through an extinct volcano. Many people claim that this water is good for the skin and has healing qualities. Coamo, established by Spanish settlers as the third town on the island, was the capital of the south until the 1880’s, when political power moved to Ponce. Long before the Europeans arrived, Indians bathed in a thermal spring at Coamo; according to one legend, this was the fountain of youth the Indians described to Ponce de León. Today, a parador -Los Baños de Coamo- surrounds the famous spring. It was considered the islands most fashionable resort from 1847 to 1958. The Taino and proto Taino cultures enjoyed these springs for many hundreds of years. When the Spanish came, the Tainos told the Spaniards about these healing waters. Supposedly, Ponce de Leon misunderstood where the springs were located, and set off to sea to find the Fountain of Youth elsewhere. Recently the spring’s area was remodeled for the enjoyment of all visitors. The water is contained in two small pools. The recreational area has restrooms, lockers, showers, tables with umbrellas and chairs. The atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant. On the surrounding you will find beautiful gardens and a wonderful view to the mountains of Coamo. I spent some time talking with a couple of the employees about the facilities. The pools are cleaned everyday. There are restrooms are clean, with changing rooms, small lockers with locks , and a place selling  drinks and fruit. There is a cool outdoor shower by the pools for rinsing before and after going in the pools. There are about 10 picnic table sets around the pools and grounds where you can relax and enjoy a snack.

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