Fajardo Ferries


If you are planning to visit the islands of Culebra during your trip to Puerto Rico, there are two ways to get there, flying or taking the Fajardo Ferry. These ferries, operated by the Port Authority Maritime Division, carry about 200-600 passengers and run during the day hours, 365 days a year. Depending on the particular ferry they’re using the day you go, you may be able to get a seat outside on the upper deck. There are fewer seats outside than inside. Depending on the wind, the diesel exhaust can make for a smelly ride if you’re outside. I normally try to get a seat outside, because it is a nice view, and the breeze is nice. Inside the main cabins, it is air conditioned to about 65 degrees! Bring a jacket or wrap up in a beach blanket, especially for the ride home when you may still be wet from swimming. Note: they do not always allow people to use the outside seating. VIP Limo’s Fajardo Ferry transportation services and all transportation are provided by our team of professional chauffeurs. Our drivers are highly trained uniformed professionals with extensive knowledge of all areas of the island. Your chauffeur will cater to your needs and provide unsurpassed personal service for all your transportation needs. You can bring coolers, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, snorkel gear, etc. with you. The coolers and large things will be stored away from the seating areas- usually outside in the front or the back of the boat the crew will tell you where to put the items, and you have to go pick it up on the way off the ferry. There is a charge if you have extra stuff, just a buck or two each supposedly only “one bag” per person allowed. Your car should be fine parked in this lot. Note take your ticket with you, you have to pay before getting back to your car. Also, there are locals that have parking available in small lots in the area around the ferry terminal.

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