Paseo de la Princesa


The Paseo de la Princesa is a historic landmark and one of the most visited tourist attractions of Puerto Rico. Paseo de la Preincesa is located on the south side of Old San Juan near Plaza de Hostos and Plaza Darcenas and just along from where the cruise ships dock. If you are driving into Old San Juan, head for either the multi-storey car parks on Calle Recinto Sur or the open air car park that is adjacent to Paseo La Princesa. As you walk you will delight in the beautiful view of the San Juan Bay, Goat Island, the Morro Castle and a former Spanish prison, which now houses the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico. Paseo de La Princesa was originally built in 1853 and over the past couple of years has been faithfully restored to become a great place to walk or people watch. The tree lined promenade provides plenty of shade and you will usually find local street vendors and artisan stalls as you walk along the promenade. Towering above you to your right are the impressive fortification walls of Old San Juan and to your left is San Juan Bay.Paseo de La Princesa is a great place to take photographs and also enjoy some local Puerto Rican foods from the street vendors. To quench your thirst try a ‘piragua’, a shaved-ice topped with your choice of flavoring, or a virgin Pina Colada. It is visited by many families, tourists and lovers looking to enjoy the pleasant environment.There are several parking areas near the seaside.

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