Luquillo Beach


It is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the northeast coast, northwest of Fajardo; and east of Rio Grande. Luquillo is spread over 5 wards and Luquillo Pueblo. It is part of the Fajardo Metropolitan Statistical Area. On the beach, there are kiosks selling some typical foods. They taste pretty good and are only a buck or two. They have beer for $1.50 and yummy frozen pina coladas for only $4.00 with rum! There is also a kiosk selling souvenirs and beach stuff – towels, sunglasses, etc. They have chairs and umbrellas for rent if you don’t have your own and you prefer sitting up out of the sand. We have our own, so we didn’t rent them. If you stay on the coastal highway going east from San Juan, you’ll soon reach Luquillo Beach. This huge plantation of majestic coconut palms shades more than a mile of fine and shimmering sand. It is one of the most popular and nicest public beaches in the San Juan area. It offers cafeterias, public bathrooms with showers, access for disabled people, and an ample parking lot. Monserrate Beach is one of the public beaches most frequented by the locals. In 2006 El Balneario de Luquillo was pronounced the most popular one in Puerto Rico.Down the beach to the east is the Beach without Boundaries. This used to be a great area where it was easy to roll a wheelchair right in to the water on a cement pad.

Luquillo Beach 01

Luquillo Beach 02

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